EM Hydrocarbon SOAP

EM is an abbreviated term for a group of more than 80 types of useful micro-organisms (yeasts, malts, lactobacilli, actinomycetes, photosynthetic bacteria, filiform bacteria, etc.) In addition to the cleaning industry, EM is used to clean up rivers, neutralize harmful micro-organisms, and repel insects.

  1. Better water soluble stain removal.
  2. Protect colors from bleeding.
  3. Remove residual bacteria odors from garments.
  4. Reduce chance of insect infestation, reduce propagation of molds, and prevent oxidation of fabrics.

      5. Cleaning process can now be used by people who have sensitive skin and allergies due to the removal of harmful bacteria which cause these sensitivities. 6. Drastically reduces soil redepositon.